Wordpress Asking To Login Again

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Wordpress Asking To Login Again

Posted by Breland Albertina on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 09:13:44

MSN home page keeps asking me to login again and again OT: I have win 7 on my laptop I use my.msn ( windows live) for my home page now when I access my.msn it keeps asking me to log in again, which I do and check ."keep me loged in".

It is one of the quashing moment when you get logged out from your WordPress admin panel. People keep asking why "WordPress session timeout" to all the experts of WordPress.

Asking for the FTP details means that we are trying to fix a problem that occurs on your WordPress website. This way, using the FTP details, we can log into your server and fix the issue. Also, we can use these details to upload files that cannot be uploaded directly through your WordPress website.

How to Resolve "WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials" Error? November 5, 2019. Last updated on: 5th November, 2019 . Now, you will see this console screen, and then it will ask you for your login credentials. You can use Master Credentials or Application Credentials to login.

Try signing into WordPress again just to make sure this recreates the issue. Open your Plugins folder. Right-click on one of your plugins' folders, and rename it to anything you want. I suggest keeping the original name and adding something to it so you don't forget which plugin it is.

Login to your WordPress dashboard using the new temporary password you just set. Now that you've successfully reset your password, remove the wp_set_password line from your local functions.php file, and re-upload it. This way WordPress doesn't reset the password every single time the admin dashboard is accessed going forward.