Woocommerce Membership Redirect After Login

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Woocommerce Membership Redirect After Login

Posted by Broce Amarante on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 08:19:44

The filter woocommerce_login_redirect gives you access to two parameters that you can modify to control the login redirect behavior. The redirect URL: You can change this to a URL of your choice and the user will be redirected to the same.

The pro version does not require WooCommerce. When your user will login or register in your site they will be redirected to the my-account page. Every time after their login they will redirect to a same page. Which can be a bad user experience for your site. To make your redirect system for comformtable you can redirect your user to any specific page.

A lot of times people wish to place a front end login form on their Website, which helps to hide the fact that the site is running WordPress. This works great, except when a user has a fail login attempt. When that happens, they are automatically directed to the default wp-login.php, which is not good…

You can enable the option to redirect members to the page where they clicked the login link. When enabled, this option takes preference over the after login redirection that you configure in the membership level. So when this condition is true, this redirection will take place (instead of the one configured in the membership level).

By default WooCommerce redirects the user to the My Account page after a successful login. You may change this and use a custom URL based on the user role, like the Dashboard for admins and My Account page for customers.

Redirect to Dashboard after login with WooCommerce enabled. Posted March 11, 2016 by Alicia Ramirez & filed under Code, PHP, WordPress.. Recently, I had to work on a site that had a few things going on: It had some users with custom roles, and capabilities