Verizon Business Router Default Login

How to Change the Wi-Fi Channel on Your Verizon FIOS

Verizon Business Router Default Login

Posted by Brideau Allaire on Monday, 24 February, 2020 01:39:29

About a month ago, I was able to log in to the router and configure settings. (I didn't change the router admin password, figuring the default would be handy, with it being printed on the side) Today, I went to modify something and wasn't able to log in.

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I agree that this sounds like a username and password for your router. Unless you have changed these, you could try admin in the username/password fields, or check the manual that came with the router for the default username/password values. If you can't remember these, you can always reset the router and start over from scratch.

"Remember me" stores your User ID on this computer. You should not use these feature on public computers.

His explanation was that the new firmware switches the default password to the Wireless Key on the back of the device. Something about a 8 character code. Well, I happen to be running 2.23 on my MiFi and my default password is still "admin". I checked the software update page on VZW Support and did not find any new releases.

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