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Posted by Bouvier Addie on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 04:49:43

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I have elected to self-install my modem; how do I connect it? If you own your own modem and have elected self-install, feel free to check out our support video on how to set up your internet. If you encounter an issue, please contact our 24/7 tech support team for assistance.

4. To retrieve your password, simply click "Retrieve Password". To reset your password, simply click "Reset Password" and enter your new password. If you are unable to make these changes, or need additional assistance, please contact Technical Support at 877-692-2253. N OTE: Technical Support can only assist with leased Sparklight modems.

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And remember, every leased Sparklight modem now includes WiFi ONE, our whole-home WiFi coverage guarantee. DISTANCE. How do I change my WiFi password in my modem. To change your WiFi password on a Read More. Wireless Security.

The lights on the modem should slowly be restored within a few minutes. Please wait until the "Online" light is solid. You may need to reboot your router and/or computer in order to re-establish an Internet connection. If you have an Arris Brand Cable Modem (likely if you currently have or had Sparklight Phone service), please follow these steps: