Netflix Suspicious Login Email

“Smart” Netflix Phishing Scam Targeted Over 50 Million

Netflix Suspicious Login Email

Posted by Boy Adelaide on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 07:38:45

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You can check your Netflix account for suspicious activity, but you can't see a list of all devices that recently used your account. then takes you to a fake Netflix login page. Your email

Netflix WARNING: Whatever you do, do NOT believe this convincing e-mail NETFLIX users are being put on alert about a new scam which tries to trick them into handing over their username and password.

Be skeptical of any email warning you that your Netflix, AOL or Comcast account has been "suspended due to suspicious activity" — it might be part of a new email scam making the rounds.

If you received a suspicious email Don't click any of the links or open any of the attachments. Forward the email to [email protected]

If your email was changed without your permission or you believe someone has taken over your account, use this article. Suspicious account activity may include: See our recommendations for extra measures you can take to help keep your Netflix account secure. Want to contact us? Call Us