Api Authentication Without Login

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Api Authentication Without Login

Posted by Breaud Alair on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 04:55:42

Spotify now requires authentication for all requests. You may want to remove them from the list. "Authentication. All requests to Web API require authentication. This is achieved by sending a valid OAuth access token in the request header. For more information about these authentication methods, see the Web API Authorization Guide.

A public application is an application that anonymously starts an authentication or recovery transaction without an API token, such as the Okta Sign-In Widget. Public applications are aggressively rate-limited to prevent abuse and require primary authentication to be successfully completed before releasing any metadata about a user.

I am developing a REST API in ASP.Net Web API. My API will be only accessible via non-browser based clients. I need to implement security for my API so I decided to go with Token based authentication. I have a fair understanding of token based authentication and have read a few tutorials, but they all have some user interface for login.

A clean and simple custom ASP.NET Core API for User Registration, Login with JWT Authentication and User Management. Running the ASP.NET Core Authentication API Locally. one for incoming requests that includes a password and another for responses without a password, but I prefer to have

Post summary: How to implement secure API authentication even over HTTP. Important: this post is not a complete and expert guide on API security. It is mainly done to test Postman Pre-request hook that is described in Introduction to Postman with examples post. It does not go into all the details about API security, SSL certificates, encrypting the data, etc.

Important. To authenticate a client app, you must add a reference to Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory, which is included in the Windows Azure Authentication Library (ADAL).The sample code in this article works only with the version 2.19.208020213 of Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.