Albertsons Monopoly 2015 Winners

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Albertsons Monopoly 2015 Winners

Posted by Brodeur Amaud on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 07:56:41

Read about the 2016 contest here).It's baaack the ever-popular Monopoly promotion at Albertsons-owned stores has begun its seventh annual run. The 2015 version of Monopoly is back at Albertsons-owned stores across the country, with big prizes but eye-popping odds against winning them.

The Albertsons Monopoly game goes until May 8, so there is still one more possible million dollar winner out there. The game is currently being played in more than 2,300 stores in 32 states.

Albertsons shopper Laura Moser was able to win her cash prize thanks to some luck while playing Albertsons Monopoly game.

since the last three giveaway games Albertsons had (and the Rachel ray promotion 2 years ago)! Currently (February 5th 2015 - June 6th 2015) Albertsons is promoting their latest Board Game: Albertsons Shop, Play, Win, Monopoly Collect & Win Game. We have seen these types of games done before, notably the famous McDonalds Monopoly game.

Attention, shoppers: It's not impossible to win the Albertsons Monopoly game in 2018. Although the odds of actually winning the Grand Prize for the 2018 Albertsons' Monopoly game seem like a long shot, there are loads of additional prizes that might make the impossible become possible.

Note: This page is for the 2015 Monopoly Game. Here is page for the 2016 Monopoly Game. The Monopoly Game is back for Albertsons grocery stores including Jewel, Acme, Shaws, Star, United, Market Street, Amigos and Super Saver grocery stores. This year, the stores are giving away $80,000,000 in prizes and savings for the Shop, Play, Win Game.